1) What is TechMatch?

TechMatch, previously known as MatchiT and Project Optimus, is an initiative by SGTech with the twin objectives to help the industries (particularly the Priority Sectors/SMEs) to harness infocomm technologies to enhance their business performance, and at the same time providing the technology industry and our members with the opportunities to strengthen their capabilities, increase their market presence and extend their business reach.

Under the programme, SGTech works with different government agencies, industry sectors and the respective trade associations to educate and develop technology readiness of the sectors/companies. With the government’s focus and support in the national productivity drive, SGTech is confident that TechMatch will be scaling to greater heights and horizons.

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This service is complimentary for SGTech members. For non-members who would like to submit a partnership request, there is an administrative fee of $1,000

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2) The Pilot Projects

Since its success in 2009 with the pilot project i.e. the Kindergarten Technology Fair 2009, organized by the Ministry of Education and supported by the then-Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and SiTF (now SGTech), the initiative had gained many positive feedbacks and the support of the end users, the organizing partners and SiTF (now SGTech) members.

Kindergarten Technology Fair 2009

Subsequently in January 2010, in a bid to upgrade the stevedoring industry’s capability, improve operational efficiency and comply with Jurong Port’s cargo loading and discharge data reporting requirements, SiTF (now SGTech) worked with then IDA and the Singapore Stevedores’ Association to explore the feasibility of developing an industry shared IT portal, Stevedore Net, for all its members. This effort culminated into a Stevedore Net call for proposal that eventually helped the Stevedores Association in saving over 90% in project costs.

Today, the Kindergarten IT Fair 2009 and the Stevedore Net call for proposal had resulted in ICT adoption projects worth $1.2m approximately.

3) Project Optimus Events In 2010
Project Optimus continued into 2010 with :

The AGD Gebiz Supplier IT Fair (January 2010)

Organised by the AGD, supported by then-IDA and SiTF (now SGTech) , the objective was to help the SMEs to harness IT for business efficiency and competitive advantage and interface better with Government Agencies as GeBIZ Suppliers.

The “Hidden Resources - An Inaugural Infocomm Technology Seminar for NATAS Members” (May 2010)

Organised by STB and NATAS, supported by then-IDA and SiTF (now SGTech). it was held at STB and attracted an audience of about 70 NATAS members. The focus for this seminar was to bring the Travel Agencies online, to where increasingly the customer presence was felt. It was a forum to educate travel agencies about eCommerce, accompanied by focus group sessions to understand current gaps in IT adoption among the travel agents. This allowed the organisers to identify the type of solutions suitable to the travel industry, so as to better prepare for an IT fair subsequently. 

The SiTF (now SGTech) matchit (now TechMatch) programme was also launched at this event. It is a web service, complimentary to the SMEs, that is aimed to help to find the most suitable and value-for-money solution for their business IT needs. Read more…

Some of the more recent Project Optimus developments also include :

Health & Wellness Program Office Living Labs Call for Collaboration Briefing (August 2010)

To encourage the participation of the ICT industry in the joint EDB-MOH healthcare initiatives : National Grand Challenge (NGC) and MCYS Silver Community Test-bed Programme (SCTB).

MCYS Technology Fair @ MCYS Technology Seminar (September 2010)

To help the childcare centres to embrace IT in their operations, provide optimise learning for every child in an IT-enriched environment and the capabilities to network with other early childhood professionals and parents.

The Inaugural IT Solutions Fair for the Travel Agents (September 2010)

A follow up effort from the "Hidden Resources - An Inaugural Infocomm Technology Seminar” in May 2010, aiming to encourage and facilitate the adoption of IT by the travel agents.

Manpower Augmentation Programme Invitation to Submit for Proposal (October 2010)

Part of SiTF’s (now SGTech) internationalisation effort through encouraging qualified ICT companies to partner then-IDA International in the fulfillment of overseas projects.

SiTF (now SGTech) also actively supported IT Readiness Surveys in the planning of ICT adoption campaigns by the various sectors :

Air Cargo Agents IT Readiness Survey (October 2010)

This was conducted in support the drive of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore(CAAS) and Singapore Aircargo Agents Association(SAAA) to promote efreight with the Singapore operators.

Jointly Conducted By:

Private Education ICT Survey (October 2010)

The purpose of this study was to review the adoption of ICT for the private education sector to gain greater productivity in business and academic processes.

Jointly Conducted By:

4) The Expansion of TechMatch

SGTech has extended the reach of TechMatch: the free web service to match business IT/technology requests with our network of solution providers is currently being promoted by 10 partner associations:

To date, TechMatch (former MatchiT) has received and processed over 150 requests which have resulted in over $550,000 worth of deals. Where necessary, TechMatch (former MatchiT) will organise a briefing session for vendors. Such was the case of a farm company which was looking for a systems integrator. The response was so overwhelming, two briefing sessions had to be organised to accommodate over 50 interested vendors. Another briefing was conducted by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS), who was exploring to implement an Accounting Practice Management System to enhance the capabilities and improve productivity of small and medium practices (SMPs). This event attracted over 20 interested vendors.

SGTech members who have benefited from this programme include Ibiz Consulting Services, Nexwave Telecoms, Info121, Epro Systems, Web Synergies, OPUS IT, Strategic Data Governance and Ufinity.

TechMatch (former MatchiT) Partners: