SME Talent Programme (STP)

About STP
SMEs are able to participate in SPRING Singapore SME Talent Programme (STP), with up to 70% funding support covering the internship stipend for meaningful and structured internship.

SGTech as AIP Partner
As an Approved-in-Principle (AIP) Partner for STP, SiTF assesses and qualifies SMEs.
1. SGTech curates quality projects to ensure students benefit from their internship experience
2. SME Mentors/ Intern supervisors must be trained to better manage and communicate with interns

SMEs keen to hire interns and participate in STP are required to meet ALL of the following, subject to SPRING’s requirements where necessary
1. Attend SGTech’s Mentoring workshop
2. IHL Internship placement letter (for companies that self-source interns)
3. SME’s eligibility requirement
a. At least 30% local shareholding
b. Group annual turnover of not more than S$100 million OR group employment size of not more than 200 workers
c. Offer career opportunities with a clear job description and career progression path
d. Possess sound Human Resource processes
e. Willing to participate in SPRING’s Human Resource Maturity Diagnostics (HRMD)
To participate
1. Submit your internship projects on talentguru and indicate STP in your job title (Details on how to post your internship projects)
NOTE: SGTech will curate internship projects that meet the requirements for IHLs to shortlist and allocate interns to your organisation.
2. Register for an account on SPRING’s STPNet and be approved as a STP company