About SGTech

SGTech is an active and responsible advocate of the technology industry in Singapore. With the evolving technology landscape, SGTech strives to create an ecosystem to anticipate changing technology trends and develop sustainable initiatives that can further strengthen the community and help the industry grow.

SGTech’s 700 members range from innovative start-ups, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises to top multinational corporations that leverage technology as a core driver of their business.

SGTECH focuses on three key value propositions for our members and the community:

  1. Being a Business Enabler: Through platforms and forums that provide business outreach and opportunities for its members. Addresses concerns and challenges faced by members – whether it is finding talent and capabilities or developing our own solutions and services alongside like-minded partners.
  2. Being a Responsible Advocate: SGTech galvanises its members on matters that are important to the technology industry and will be the key conduit for members to government and vice versa.
  3. Provider of Industry Insights: Working with members and key partners e.g. Government, foreign trade offices, etc. to provide insights to technology trends, government’s directions and programmes, and in-country support for companies who intend to internationalise.

SGTech Chapters

SGTech’s Chapters offer focused support and development to both strategic and emerging sectors in the technology industry. The Chapters are:

  • Cloud & Big Data Chapter (CBDC)
  • Cyber Security Chapter (CSC)
  • Digital Transformation Chapter (DxC)
  • Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC)

Two new pro-tem committees are set-up to cater to emerging industry needs:

  • AI &  High-Performance Computing Chapter (AI&HPC)
  • Smart Nation (SNC)

SGTech promotes and fosters collaboration with its members with an array of services and activities:

    Create quality connections, deepen partnerships and foster mutually beneficial partnerships
    Develop intelligent technology competencies to address business concerns and challenges in collaboration with like-minded partners
    Bring thought leadership insights to exploit opportunities and address business concerns and challenges
    Leverage specialist expertise and foster deep collaboration between local and multinational businesses and government
    Stimulate new business growth and assistance with grants and schemes for exhibitions and overseas trade missions
    Identify areas of opportunities for world-class insights and intelligence from international trade organizations and partners