Cyber Security Chapter


The chapter, originally founded as the Security Chapter in 2003, had its aims and objectives in making Singapore a regional IT security hub, focusing on professional & industry certification, regional promotions, as well as training and education.

  • To drive the growth of the security industry in Singapore
  • To build security as a competency and
  • To develop innovation within the Chapter

In mid 2006, the Chapter was redesignated as Security & Governance, to reflect its relevance in today’s world, where Governance is a significant function of and driver for IT Security. IT Security over the past several years, has also evolved significantly, from a collection of tools and technologies, to become an active practice today, with standards and methodologies, and governance.

Every day, we become increasingly dependent on the internet for business activities and transactions, be it B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, and in ways never before thought possible. In order to have a successful, progressive and harmonious business environment, the element of trust has to be omnipresent- hence governance, in the form of legislations and standards eg and especially Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA, GLBA, COBIT, ITIL, ISO-20000 and ISO-17799 /27000.

The SGC today aims to promote awareness of the need for IT Security, the role of Governance in the whole scheme of things, and how best to understand and work within, and also to unite the disparate collection of IT security suppliers in the country. The original mission to promote IT security competency continues.

The SGC aims to encompass and call to the fold the collection of not only vendors, resellers and integrators of IT Security products, solutions and services, but also the new-realm auditors, consultants, practitioners, legal and compliance organizations that complete the picture of the effective implementation and management of IT security solutions today.

Activities to be organized across the calendar include seminars and workshops, whether within industry or to 3rd-party industry (eg Finance, Education, Government) or other industry associations (eg SBF, ASME), endorsing 3rd-party seminars, workshops and shows, networking sessions (again, both within and across industry), representation at SITF main activities (eg golf, bowling, Volunteer-day, trade missions, government working committees and dialog sessions), as well as activities to promote our members’ products and services.

Ultimately, the SGC aims to benefit its members and associated parties by encouraging collaboration, dialog, ideas exchange, networking and business activities between them and the government, industry and education sectors of the Singapore economy, and where applicable, with the various relevant organizations of neighboring countries, eg through the SITF’s Shanghai Solution Center, APICTA, ASOCIO et al.

All applicants must be SiTF members. Non-SiTF members can apply for SiTF membership together with Chapter membership and admission to the BSC is contingent on the approval of SiTF membership.

For further information, please contact the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation Secretariat.

The SiTF SGC Chapter
C/o SiTF Secretariat
79 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-03/04/05
Singapore 139955
Tel: 6325 9700
Fax: 6325 4993

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