The Secretariat


Ms Ho Se Mun

Industry Alliance Team

Mr Wilson Tan (Team Head)
 Cloud and Big Data Chapter (CBDC) 
Ms Charissa Ong   Cyber Security Chapter (CSC)
 Ms Angelyn Abrogar  Digital Chapter (DxC)
 Ms Alicia Bok  Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC)

Talent Initiative 

Mr Bryan Yeo (Team Head)

Ms Shee Min Wong

Industry Outreach Programme

Ms Jacqueline Khoo

Start-up Platform

Ms Tan Shi Hui


Ms Jezerie Lan

Finance & Administration

Ms Lee Soon Kim

Ms Sharilyn Ang

Ms Charissa Ong

Ms Wanni Toh


Mr Allen Wong

The SiTF Secretariat provides the infrastructural and manpower resources necessary to realise SiTF’s mission and vision. A small and dedicated team of highly experienced officers implements and executes a wide range of projects and services that add value to the members and the SiTF Council.