Transforming Tourism through Technology

An eclectic mix of travel agencies, technology companies and SiTF members gathered for the Transforming Tourism through Technology event on 24 Aug 2016. 

Mr Quek Choon Yang presenting Transforming Tourism through Technology 


Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mr Quek Choon Yang spoke about the ease of delivering exceptional visitor experiences through technology.  The visitor experience in Singapore could be made delightful by “engaging the senses, invoking an emotive response, enlivening the spirit and sparking the imagination of visitors” said Mr Quek. The information provided by technology with ease of access would enhance visitor experience encouraging repeat visits to the country.

Mr Quek announced an upcoming tourism info & services hub which would make business exchanges more efficient in the tourism eco system. With the enabling of new channels, opportunities abound for the technology industry in mobile applications, smart kiosks, business processes & Case Management projects. 

Looking ahead, he said, “Areas such as connectivity, payments, virtual chat agent, auto speech recognition are pertinent to be resolved through technology.”   

Mr Quek highlighted the Third Tranche of Tourism Development Fund (TDF) to help businesses position for long-term growth opportunities, as well as to support tactical measures to deal with volatility in the short term.

With regards to catalysing the adoption of technology by industry, there are two schemes:

  1. Experience Step-up Fund (ESF): ESF encourages tourism companies to develop new tourism experiences which will enhance overall visitor experience and satisfaction in Singapore.
  2. Business Improvement Fund (BIF): BIF supports tourism companies in adopting technology in their business processes and systems to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Mr Quek ended the presentation by welcoming suggestions on innovative technology solutions to overcome the gaps and drive tourism outcomes, and to pilot and test bed solutions with industry stakeholders. 

The Q&A session was moderated by Ms Sharon Teo (left),
Vice Chairman of SiTF Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC)

 Q&A session

SEC Chairman Mr Jeremy Tan presented Mr Quek Choon Yang
with a token of appreciation – an SiTF SG50 book

SiTF members and travel agents networking