Total Integrated Resources

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TIR & SiTF – Promoting Innovation in Singapore

Total Integrated Resources (TIR) is a new member of SiTF since July 2016. With a like-minded vision to promote innovation and accelerate adoption of technology in Singapore, TIR is excited to work together with the association to bring new infocomm innovation to help Singapore businesses. The company looks forward to participate in the numerous events organized by SiTF that are highly relevant and informative for the infocomm industry.


Total Integrated Resources – Connecting Businesses through Disruptive Technology

Total Integrated Resources (TIR), a homegrown company set to cultivate innovation in Singapore, made its debut in July 2016 with the launch of award-winning application development platform KnowledgeKube, which allows businesses to create enterprise-grade applications; sans the need to write code.

The vision of TIR is to connect Singapore – workers and businesses alike – through technology that will enrich their knowledge and skills set and allowing them to remain competitive in the work force. With an Academy planned for launch in September 2016, TIR will be able to provide relevant training for businesses and for individuals to upskill their knowledge to implement & update applications via KnowledgeKubes.

 TIR will also continue to pursue it’s goal to help businesses increase productivity by automating processes wherever possible and reduce costs by making sure business efficiency is at its optimum level through productivity applications.

 KnowledgeKube – Create Enterprise Grade Applications without Coding

KnowledgeKube is the award-winning app platform for all users. Without having to write code, create enterprise web and mobile apps quicker and cheaper than traditional development.

 A product of UK-based Mercato Solutions, KnowledgeKube enables users without technical background to create their own enterprise apps. This revolutionary platform was developed in response to growing IT skills shortages that threatened to impede digitization and expansion for businesses.

 With the success enjoyed around the world with apps in across 150 countries and 27 languages, KnowledgeKube is now exclusively available to customers in Asia.

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