Mentoring Millennials

Mentoring Millennials is a new workshop initiated by SiTF to address the challenges faced by managers to engage and influence the Millennials. A survey by ‘The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 – Winning over the next generation of leaders’ states that businesses who are serious about getting the best of the new breed of professionals onto their team ‘must adjust how they nurture loyalty among Millennials or risk losing.’

Millennials respond best and give loyalty when they are developed to reach their personal potential.  Millennials also engage with businesses that show ‘ambition beyond profit.’

Wilson Tan, Senior Manager for Human Capital Engagement at SiTF, "This course was designed to equip managers with an understanding on how best to engage Millennials, build trust, influence and enhance productivity at work."

Ms Julian Cheong leading the ‘Mentoring Millennials’ workshop

Ms Julian Cheong, Managing Partner of Mike Bosworth Leadership (Asia) led the workshop comprising of managers of Millennials.

Getting to the basics

Julian explained the working of the human brain where decisions are made emotionally and actions justified rationally.  The concept of ‘Story Tending’ - a technique to be in a position to influence without authority was introduced.  

Participants engaging in Story Tending

Andy Lim and Andy from iFoundries 

Andy Lim, Sales & Finance Director from iFoundries applied the ‘Story Tending’ technique on his millennial staff, Andy and won his trust. Way to go, Andy and Andy!

Jezerie Lan had this to say, “Story Tending is a useful technique to use when interacting with Millennials, a concept that I can apply everyday at the workplace.”