Mentorship Training Workshop – Mentoring Millennials

After a successful debut last July, Mentoring Millennials Workshop was back for a second run that saw a larger pool of participants.  Managers were given insights on how best to engage and influence the Millennials, to quickly build trust through story tending, a concept that is refreshingly different. 

Ms Julian Cheong, Managing Partner, Mike Bosworth Leadership (Asia) 

Ms Julian Cheong, Managing Partner and Mr Steve Dana, Partner, Mike Bosworth Leadership (Asia) coaching the participants


Personal story that was a turning point in one’s life journey – a great way for strangers to get to know one another.  That’s exactly how the mentorship training workshop commenced by encouraging the participants to share a personal story.

Getting into the technicalities of story tending, the concept taught at the workshop and what it takes to be an effective mentor.

Practice time

Participants were quick to put into practice their newly acquired skills. The group learned that story  tending was highly effective in being able to influence. 


Who says lesson time is boring? 

“The workshop was awesome! It has helped us to better prepare for this batch of interns. Thank you for the workshop!”

Louis Chua

Global Health Byte